Metal detecting (MD) is a fantastic pastime with more and more people discovering their special and happy ongoing journey every day. Here you will find detecting help, reference information and tips to make your detecting experience more enjoyable and happy.

I have been metal detecting for the past 30 years now and have learnt a great deal along the way. From beginners to the more seasoned detectorist there will always be questions you may need answering and I hope that on this site you find what you are looking for. Please let me know if something is missing or would be useful to others. Happy detecting!                    Phil Williams BA PhD.

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・Exercise & fresh air ・Physical & mentally rewarding experience ・Stimulates the mind & mediation ・Learning – stopping mental ageing​

・ Timelines & UK Monarchs ・ Pre-Roman, Roman, Anglo-Saxon, Medieval & Modern history & coins ・ Cleaning artefacts, map reading skills, books ・ New computer skills – Search engines, Facebook, YouTube​

・ Promotes social interaction ・ Builds teamwork

・Charities & Rotary Clubs ・Finder Service & ID finds ・Help farmers ・Problems with MD​

・Expert on all MD things ・Hobby ・Passion & Excitement ・Teaches responsibility​

・Finding a valuable object ・Hoards ・Making money from your hobby ・Prospecting for gold

・Detectors ・Headphones ・Digging tools ・Pin-pointers ・Clothing/bags ・Storage ・Books ・Miscellaneous ( Decals, art, mugs etc.)​

・Web sites ・UK MD Clubs ・Rules & Regulations ・Training links​

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