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  1. Anyone know of any clubs to join in a
    Or surrounding Coventry

    1. Author

      Hi There is a Coventry Heritage club, but not sure if it is taking members – I will be attending their meeting on 15th so will find out more then. There is a couple of local clubs on Facebook – try joining “Digging up the Past” – Northants based, or perhaps “Heart of England” – West of Coventry/Stratford way. There is also a Hinckley club but is very difficult to get in. If you join the right groups on Facebook they also do Open digs and these groups welcome non-members. Hope this helps. Let us know how you get on please.

  2. Looking for weekend digs! Am in a club but nothing at the moment. Anyone willing to share permissions also. I live near Dunstable/Luton.

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