Making money from your hobby

                 Besides selling your finds, there are a few ways to earn some money from your hobby.

  1. Organising digs

If you don’t mind approaching Farmers and other land owners, you could organise some one day digs, where you charge for attendance and split the proceeds with the landowner. If you have a helpful family member, they could provide drinks and snacks. Also you could sell accessories with the help of a local Metal Detecting shop/supplier?

  2. Create a web site

You could if you have plenty of spare time and a flair for using computers develop a web site ( like this one ) and sell items that detectorists need.


  3. Write a book or articles

If you a literary person, you could write some articles for magazines or even a book


  4. Prospecting for gold

If you live in a place where gold can be found – then this can be very fruitful. Using metal detectors to locate precious metals; which can be either in naturally formed nuggets, flakes, or in the form of historical artefacts.

Alternatively, many sites worldwide still allow patient prospectors to gather gold through panning; that is, filtering river silt and water for small quantities of gold sediment. While the quantity of gold gathered in this manner will generally be smaller than those recovered with metal detection; the smaller choice of areas usable for panning gold make success more achievable.

Participation in this form of gold prospecting is really as simple as purchasing a metal detector and using it, or showing up at a viable river or stream with a fine sieve. It’s fair to say that making significant sums of money with either of these methods is more down to luck than preparation or skill, although a good knowledge of the geological makeup of prospective areas will always increase the odds of success.