Medieval Coin Web Sites

A Short History of English Coins here
About 1.7M coins listed with values world widehttp://www.forumancientcoins.comClick here
Coin Inscription Identification on Hammered Coins Click here
Coins at the Ashmolean Museum here
Coins of England and Great Britain by Tony Clayton here
Early Edwardian Pennies (1279-1344)?by Rod Blunt here
Edward I – Edward III Click here
English Hammered Coins by Timothy D.Cook here
Good guide to sold coin prices here
Henry VI Click here
Identification of early Edwardian farthings here
Introduction to medieval coins and identification guide for archaeologists here
Long Cross Pennies (1247-1279)?by Rod Blunt here
Lots of coin books PDFs here
Mint marks here
Richard and Sue Wellings’ Ye Olde Coin Co, Australia here
Richard II – Henry V Click here
The Coinage of Britain by Ken Elks here
Useful references to coin sites Click here