Map Web Sites

Maps:Web SiteURL
OS grid & Postcode finder here
Old Maps here
Lidar Map (radar mapping) Click here
Map of Hillforts here
UK Map finds logging information Click here
Side by side historical maps Click here
Roman forts in Wales. Click here
Ancient Monuments Map UK Click here
Where's the path OS Dual Mappinghttps://wtp2.appspot.comClick here
Cambridge air photos – many areas e.g. 7,710 Roman Camp sites & over 8,000 Roman Fortshttps://www.cambridgeairphotos.comClick here
British maps from 1801 here
Roman sites: Finding Site's to Metal Detect here
Viewshed How I find Site's to Metal Detect here

Android Apps

Andoid appsWeb SiteURL
Coin ID by photo match? Click here
Tect O Trak Lite by Mark Seeley - Allows tracking search areas and recording finds here
Memento Database – useful database for storing coins, lists of monachs etc. here
Coins from United Kingdom ( 620-2018 ) here
Grid Reference app - by Arthur Embleton for Android here
Roman Coins app here
Roman Emperors here