Club, Facebook etc. Web Sites

Clubs/Forums/Facebook/Manfacturers Pages:Web SiteURL
MLO Forum (Minelab Owners)www.minelabowners.comClick here
Dig This Facebook Page?- Fisher & Teknetics here
Metal Detecting here
Detectorists Facebook here
Gary's Detecting mainly Deus XP here
The British Metal Detecting here
Rogers Relics forum here
Medway History here
Digging Up The Past - Northampton MD group here
Thames and here

Manufacturer's Web Sites

ManufacturersWeb SiteURL
Fisherwww.fisherlab.comClick here
Minelabwww.minelab.comClick here
Tekneticswww.tekneticst2.comClick here
Makrowww.makrodetector.comClick here
Noktawww.noktadetectors.comClick here
Bounty Hunterwww.detecting.comClick here here
XP here
Service - Repair - Warranty An Authorised Minelab UK Service Centrewww.metaldetectorrepair.comClick here