Ordering the Coin and Artefact’s eBooks on USB 3.0 USB memory stick

You can order one of the following 3 options:

1. Over 2,300 eBooks on Coins ( 24 Gb of files )     £ 19.99 plus £ 2.99 postage

2. 1,000 eBooks on Artefacts ( 34 Gb of files )         £ 14.99 plus £ 2.99 postage

3. Both Coins and Artefacts ( 58 Gb of files )             £ 29.99 plus £ 2.99 postage

Option 1 or 2 will be supplied on a 32 Gb stick and option 3 will be sent on a 64 Gb USB 3.0 memory stick. Your memory stick will be sent by first class signed for post. Payment will be by PayPal or Bank. To order,  please contact me at hi@happydetecting.com . Please add your name and address for delivery.

Any questions either post via the home page, or email me at hi@happydetecting.com . I did try to sell this on eBay but I found out you can’t sell material on memory sticks or cards. You can sell CD or DVD with this material on, but it would take about 15 DVDs to contain option 3!  I did manage to sell one 32Gb stick with coins on – see “ramases1” on my eBay summary below.