Detecting can done alone, but it can be more enjoyable if you can have company. Also, it is better for your personal safety ( especially if like me you’re a bit older and might be prone to sudden illness ). So let us take a brief look at how family and friends can help to make detecting happier.



If you can share your hobby with another member of your family – so much the better. It would be great if your partner shared your interest – but too common we take up detecting a bit later after meeting first them and as they say opposites attract – so few of us share this ideal fate!

Your partner might like to get you out from under their feet, and give them time to have to their selves, but often you might have to sweeten them with gifts etc.


The best way to make friends is to join a club near where you live. Use Google to find them – try “name of area” plus “metal detecting”, or look in the popular Metal Detecting magazines. Facebook is another great source ( see section under Searching ).

Most clubs have regular monthly evening meetings and organise digs often on Sundays but some do digs mid-week and some Saturdays.